Seasons of Skorn and other worlds

The seasons of Skorn are much like those of earth, turning to mark their own cycles rather than having anything to do with marking ‘time’. Just now in the realm of Lavrum it is Spring.

When Perian was a boy unaware of his fate, his rambling in the fields and forest showed him seasonal flowers and cycles of green growth. Tolkien insisted that sub-created worlds needed similarities to Earth in order to be credible, although the differences between them were equally essential in order to open the reader to the possibilities of ‘otherness’. He created flowers, notably elanor and simbelmyne, to blend in with an otherwise recognisable flora in Middle-earth.

To date, there has only been one sub-created flower in Skorn, the Flaming Flower that serves as the banner of Lavrum, and that was short-lived. It served to mark a stage in the seasons of Perian’s life rather than in the cycle of vegetal growth.

(c) Alistair McGechie/ Graham Ward

He went closer, pulled some of the outer branches aside and peered into the depths of the dark tangle. He could just see a single shining flower. It was the colour of a flame; yellow and orange and blue, and it flickered faintly so that it seemed about to fade away. It was like porcelain and like silk. It seemed eternal and transitory, tantalising and reassuring.
[(C) Alistair McGechie]

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