Out of the world…

We come out of the world, not into it. We are each expressions of the world, not strangers in a strange land,  (c) Tim Lott, The Guardian, 2012

The emphasis on the present moment is perhaps zen’s most distinctive characteristic. In our western relationship with time, in which we compulsively pick over the past in order to learn lessons from it, and then project into a hypothetical future in which those lessons can be applied, the present moment has been compressed to a tiny sliver on the clock face between a vast past and an infinite future. Zen, more than anything else, is about reclaiming and expanding the present moment. (Tim Lott (c))

Buddhist philosophy suggests that time does not have real existence. It is only a concept with no inherent existence because it belongs to the relative truth of the world of experience from our consciousness.  See here for more on this idea

Of course I’m cherry-picking among the trees of world thought; we all gravitate to ideas that seem attuned to our own. However, I have never claimed that my bee in my bonnet is buzzing something new. ‘time’ or duration is not taken as a concrete fact by everyone in the world.

When I’ve done a bit more research, I’ll try Einstein! Watch these spaces.

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