Feline moments

Dis are t-‘time’

Cats have a delightfully pragmatic approach to ‘time’ that does not involve the slightest concern with minutes, dates, appointments, commitments, weeks, months or aeons.

This very moment is what matters for cats. If it isn’t the moment for a meal, then it must be the moment for a cuddle. If it isn’t the moment for either of those, it must be the moment for a snooze.

This is an enviable approach to life management, and one that humans can employ to a greater extent than we might suppose. Working life may well tie us to the clock and its insistence that we need to be controlled by time; weekends and holidays can be a lot more feline. Even if exercise is your bag, you needn’t timetable it as strictly as work timetables your meetings, tasks, lunch-breaks etc.

Swim because you like it – same as me.
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