Too many times


This moment in the cycle of the sun always leads ‘time’ sceptics like me to feel there are just too many ‘times’ going on at once. Not many cycles of light and dark have passed since one of them was officially (or officiously) labelled ‘First Day of Spring’ in the Northern Hemisphere of Gaia; now it’s another ‘first day’ imposed on the natural cycle – the start of what I grew up calling ‘British Summer Time’ and hoped to spend the rest of my life calling ‘ European Summer Time.’ The USA clarifies this by calling it ‘Daylight Saving Time’ but it’s the same by any other name – it’s an ‘unreal time’.

It’s not a question of whether or not you like ‘longer evenings (just try to unscramble that pair of words – they mean ‘a section of the occurrence of light that has been arbitrarily relabelled to a different ‘time-span’.) I do like more light in the span of light between eating and going to bed.

But it’s another system to try and take account of as you strive to meet your commitments. The change involves manually altering your favourite old clocks twice a year; although many devices do it themselves now, it is still possible to make a mistake and be ‘late’ for work, a situation fraught with stress and danger. it can seriously upset some peoples’ biorhythms and lead to fatigue and confusion. And every cat I have ever had takes the whole thing personally and demands feeding at the ‘proper time’ – it’s no good pointing to the clock.

Well, it’s my function in these posts to sound complaining – enjoy your combined experiences of light, labelled both spring and summer and often still feeling like winter – I hope you catch up on your sleep soon.

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